Your cover is the most important marketing tool to get your book noticed.

Is it any wonder why cover design is so critical to the success of your book? People process images faster than words.Your book cover is a 3-second ad to convince a reader to consider buying your book.

A great looking, professional book cover will:

Capture your reader’s interest

An well design book cover make a reader take a second look. Yes… we do judge a book by its cover. Your cover should follow the general look and feel of the genre. Try to depict a significant plot point from your book in an intriguing way. Don’t put a bouquet of roses on an apocalyptic zombie book or a bloody knife on a chick lit story.  Readers have expectations on what they do — and don’t — want to see on their favorite genres.

Engage your reader’s emotions

Your book cover should arouse emotional feelings in the reader. They should feel an immediate connection to the book. Otherwise they’ll just stroll or scroll on past your book in search of a book cover that grabs them. Does your cover shout, “Pick me up?”

Set up the story

When the reader sees it, they should already have a sense of your story. You, the author, promise to take the reader on a journey. Your cover is a visual representation of that promise. It pulls them into the story even before they have read the description.

Inspire confidence in the book

A well designed book cover tells the reader that the author is a professional. It says this book has something to offer and promises to deliver it.

Increase sales

Book cover design has tremendous power over consumers. A poorly designed cover tells the reader that the author doesn’t care about the book so why should they?

Every single effort you make to market your book will either be helped — or hurt — by the design of your cover.

3 steps to make sure your book is making a good first impression.

  1. If you are not a professional graphic designer, then you should hire a designer to create your cover. No budget? Premade book covers are a most budget-friendly option.
  2. Post the cover in an author forum and get the opinions of your peers. Just don’t let them make the final decision for you.
  3. Take a survey before your publish. Post a cover reveal on your social networks and get the opinions of the people who matter most… your readers.

How does your cover rate?

Take a look at your book cover. Don’t think about whether you love (or hate) it. Take time and consider:

  • Does it stand out?
  • Is the message clear?
  • Does it engage my emotions?

If your cover doesn’t pass the test, perhaps it’s time to consider a redesign.