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120 Twitter Hashtags for Authors

120 Twitter Hashtags for Authors Are you an author who uses Twitter to connect to readers and other authors. If you have been using Twitter for any length of time, then you’ve seen lots of hashtags. If you aren't using hashtags, then you are wasting valuable marketing...

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5 Things Your Book Cover Should Have

I look at a LOT of book covers. I am either designing a cover or researching covers. I'm always evaluating what does — and doesn't work — make a good book cover design. As you would expect, a good deal of this research is on Amazon where you can see the good, the bad,...

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5 Reasons Why A Book Cover Is Important

Your cover is the most important marketing tool to get your book noticed. Is it any wonder why cover design is so critical to the success of your book? People process images faster than words.Your book cover is a 3-second ad to convince a reader to consider buying your book.

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